EPA Announces Grant Opportunities to Reduce Diesel Emissions at Ports

EPA announced on 9/22/2014 the availability of up to $5 million in grant funding to establish clean diesel projects aimed at reducing emissions from marine and inland water ports located in areas of poor air quality.  This is the second grant competition to focus on reducing emissions at ports under the Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA). Under this competition, EPA anticipates awarding between two and five assistance agreements. Applicants may request up to $2 million in funding toward eligible projects. Port authorities, governmental or quasi-governmental public agencies that operate ports, and state and local governments with jurisdiction over transportation or air quality are eligible to apply. Community groups, terminal operators, shipping carriers, and other related entities are encouraged to participate through partnerships with eligible applicants.  Read the full article here http://ow.ly/BX893

All proposals must be received by December 11, 2014. For more information and to access the Request for Proposals and other documents, visit http://www.epa.gov/otaq/ports/ports-dera-rfp.htm, or email David Devaprasad.

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